Metaworlds is a remote team of creative technologists and game designers that are eager to explore the new medium of on-chain worlds, and define new creative approaches for building experiences in the Metaverse.

We research and apply workflows, methods and concepts, and work with land owners to improve the context and quality of their lands and experiences.

Our Services.

The Team


A creative game developer, 3d engineer and creator with a wide scope of experience in game creation and mechanics. 


The project manager, coordinator and research planner of Metaworlds.


A voxel artist and graphic designer, who loves creation and art making. 


An audio engineer who is actively engaged in creating soundscapes for metaverse experiences.


Metaworlds apprentice. Tools and game developer. Website  Administrator.

Mary & John

Story & Gameplay Creative Team.

Anastasia Nati

Violinist, Music Composer.

Petros Odin

Sound Engineer, Music Producer.